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Safe policy

Basic policy about the security of the transportation

  1. We build "a transportation security management system" to ensure the security of the transportation and serve for the safe unification manager, continuous improvement, reinforcement.
  2. I recognize that securing of security of the transportation is the basis of the business management deeply, and the president plays a leading role for security of the security of the transportation in an office.
  3. I carry out development, practice, a check, the improvement (Plan, Do, Check, Act) of the plan about the security of the transportation surely and review safety measures continuously, and all employees accomplish duties in solidarity.
  4. All employees are aware that securing of security of the transportation is the most important and always act for safe improvement of the transportation.
  5. I obey laws and ordinances concerned and safety management official regulations in the company so that securing of security of the transportation is given top priority to.
  6. I devise a concrete measure to realize traffic accident "zero" and promote it positively.

Key measure about the security of the transportation

  1.Enforcement of the Traffic Safety Campaign in the company
   I raise a slogan during a campaign season, and all employees perform an approach of the careful driving.
It is perfect by physical condition management of the winter season in January.  
The sudden movement in the freeze road prohibits it strictly in February.  
Attention scrupulous in March on the vehicle of the beginner.  
Re-thorough accident prevention of an April elderly person and the child in the car.  
Destruction of the May car trouble. Even as for few accidents to a manager a report.   
At the time of the June rain to distance between the cars in particular a space.  
Physical condition management enforcement of the July summer. It is to watch out for heat stroke in particular.  
August tire trouble destruction. The air pressure check is perfect.  
The early lighting of the September headlight.  
Re-thorough October idling stop.  
Reinforcement of the prevention of infection such as November influenza in the car.  
Thorough December consideration driving.  
  2.Promotion of the safe promotion activity
   I install "an instructor about the security" in the office and measure improvement of road safety education.
   I carry out daily security promotion activities positively.
  3.Participation in qualification and outside training promotion
   The employee participates in qualification and the training positively and always tries for the improvement of the skill to contribute to safe improvement.

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Information disclosure about security of the transportation

Information disclosure about security


Security target

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