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Trip of the comfortable bus
The life with relief and the dream.
So that your smile and happiness continue all the time, 
We create a dream and the future.
With a smile to overflow
For the bright future,
We continue running.


What's New and news

I look forward to the inquiry to make a reservation of the welfare taxi.

As the partner who can help all of you.
We yugenkaishakyukankotsu will always contribute to an area and the society as a found good partner facing each all of you. I send timely information to be able to help all of you including "the thing about duties" and "information to want to know" from this home page.
The head office
Kuka, Suooshima-cho, Oshima-gun, Yamaguchi character storehouse beach 4735-2
TEL. 0820-72-1197
FAX. 0820-72-0670 (head office Office)
FAX. 0820-72-4260 (the head office)
General closed-door passenger car transport business
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